Newborn screening in Turkey

INFAI and Bruker BioSpin are currently conducting a pilot study establishing NMR spectroscopy for screening newborns for congenital metabolic diseases. Congenital metabolic disorders occur in one in 1000 newborns in Central Europe, and even in one in 500 in Turkey. Urine samples of 1500 healthy newborns are collected on their third day of life in 15 study centers in eight Turkish centers (see map). The data of healthy newborns are essential to establish a statistical basis to isolate children suffering from congenital metabolic disorders from the statistical model of normality.

NMR-Based Screening for Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Initial Results from a Study on Turkish Neonates, JIMD Reports 2014, 16, 101-111

More details can be found in a poster presented at SSIEM 2011 or a poster presented at SSIEM 2013, in a flyer or in a brochure.